installation beasts 1

installation beasts 2

installation prints

installation projection 2

Here are pictures from the show!! The beasts are steel armatures with flax paper wrapped around the armature. The flax paper is made from raw Type R flax beaten for 8 hrs. I ordered the pulp pre-beaten from Carriage House Paper because the old, giant paper beater's long happy tenure in the University of Virginia's papermaking studio ended this semester. RIP. Happily, we are getting a new, smaller beater this next week. The prints are made from abaca paper, beaten for 2 hrs. I screenprinted the circle/moon forms on the paper and collaged the pieces together. The projected work is a collaboration with Elizabeth; her video work is projected on my paper collage.

Thanks to Mark for taking these installation shots. And thanks to my whole lovely family for helping me assemble and disassemble my show. I couldn't have done it without the team! xo
There are more pictures on my flickr, just click on the images here!


square green

I've been lax about taking in progress photos on my printed work, but I'm busy! Expect some good pictures after our show is up. For now, here is another sneak peek of the show. Prints, y'all!

P.S. thanks to the sweet people at New City Arts Initiative for putting our show up on their rad website. Check out the Forum: it is guaranteed to be inspiring. I believe you can still register during the next week!