Ellie Hogeman is an excellent photographer who makes BEAUTIFUL pictures and I used to make prints and books, remember? So we're going to stack up our piles of images and disseminate them. Come to the 5th year studio at Ruffin Hall, comb through some paper work, and bring some cash!


56 | Taut is up now - April 15 - 19.

Flocking is a mysterious and wonderful substance. It essentially makes a surface velvety by using colored adhesive and super-fine fibers. The process videos do a better job explaining than I can. My rocking jig and haphazard drop cloth/plastic might seem hilariously inept to experienced flockers. To that group of 45 people - I salute you and your consummate craftsmanship! I tried. Jill from DonJer is a great person to call; I posed many questions that she answered expertly and kindly.

Mitch shot these process video for me/you. Louise Dechow was my beautiful assistant and is a bad-ass fiber artist. Audio provided by WTJU rock marathon and the air compressor. Thanks to all!
Come to the show and touch the giant wall of flock (there are five panels). And come see Mitch's work. Kid is going places. I'll post installation shots and artist statements soon. Here is a phone photo during set up.



barefoot_card copy


I've got a show coming up with the talented Mitchell Oliver. Progress shots are imminent. Things progress, dudes. Big geographic // life choices upcoming as well. Stay tuned.


IMG_1897 IMG_1898 IMG_1896

Some unaltered source images I've been working with this late winter - probably in anticipation of spring.


P1010415 P1010418 P1010420

Here are some shots of the installation at WVTF on the night of the opening. There is a large space for lease next door to the radio station studio and we set up two large projections of these videos. It was way fun. Thanks for coming out, everyone!


wvtf show card back wvtf show card

If you're in Charlottesville for First Fridays, want to see some prints and drawings, or sample food and wine - stop by the WVTF/Radio IQ studio tomorrow night. New City Arts Initiative curates the space and provides gorgeous art-hanging-experts/organizers. I'm excited!

The images are an inkjet/colored pencil print (20"x26") and the back of the postcard.